The AQUAMOD LTD engineering team has an extensive experience in designing of water supply and sewer (drainage) systems. Since the very beginning, we integrate the classic theory with high-tech tools such as computer hydraulic modelling, geospatial analyses, automated optimisation routines and more...

Expert Designing

AQUAMOD LTD offers a complete set of services in expert designing of water supply and sewer systems:

  • Designing of plumbing and drainage installations for all types of buildings;
  • Developing of feasibility studies for future and existing water supply and sewer (drainage) systems;
  • Developing of conceptual and detailed designs of water supply and sewer (drainage) systems;
  • Expert designing and hydraulic analyses of special structures and facilities;
  • Executing multi-scenario analyses, evaluating the impact of proposed designs on existing networks, criticality and risk analyses and others using hydraulic modelling (more here...) and geospatial techniques.

We have developed and always use our own quality control systems in the designing process involving automated data validation tools. We use high - end software technologies that allow us to achieve unparalleled productivity and high quality of the final product.