Leading platform for complete hydrodynamic and hydrological modeling of rivers and sewage systems.

InfoWorks™ ICM – The Most Powerful 1D/2D Integrated Catchment Modeling Solution

InfoWorks™ ICM (Integrated Catchment Modelling) is the first software platform on the market for complete and truly integrated 1D /2D hydrodynamic modelling of both rivers and sewer systems. For the first time, it is possible a thorough study of complex catchment areas with all elements of the drainage infrastructure and natural river systems and the interactions between them in qualitative and quantitative level in one product as a single work flow.

Inheriting from the internationally recognized and widely adopted InfoWorks CS (sewer systems, retired in 2015) and InfoWorks RS (river systems), InfoWorks™ ICM combines more than 30 years of international experience with the latest scientific achievements in the field of hydrology, computational hydraulics and the cutting-edge software technologies. In less than 5 years since its market premier in 2010 InfoWorks™ ICM became a standard platform for designers, consultants and utility operators across the globe, including United Kingdom, BENELUX Union, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Japan, China and many more.

InfoWorks™ ICM - designing, hydraulic modelling, real-time flood forecasting and risk management

InfoWorks™ ICM is a complex software platform with wide range of applications in solving contemporary engineering problems. Here is just a short list of possibilities:

  • Professional building and utilizing of operational hydraulic models of both sewer and river systems;
  • Setting up real-time modelling, flood forecasting and risk management systems;
  • Designing of sewer systems and river corrections – from building of geospatial models to complex engineering and economical analyses;
  • Complete 2D modelling of surface water flows, including comprehensive water quality simulations;
  • Sewer and river systems master planning;
  • Effective designing and planning of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS / BMPs);
  • Quantitative and qualitative analyses of formation and transport dynamics of solid and soluble contaminants from urbanized territories and of their impact on WWTPs and natural interceptors;

InfoWorks™ ICM provides a wide range of internationally approved theoretical and empirical computational models for detailed simulation of runoff volume formation and routing over complex catchments, while taking into account various hydrological processes such as interaction with ground waters, snow melting, evaporation, formation and transport dynamics of surface contaminants and many more. Along with its unparalleled 1D / 2D computational engine for simulating unpressurized flows in prismatic and non prismatic channels, InfoWorks™ ICM is a universal platform for building from simplified design models to very complex real-time operational models covering the entire water cycle over a given catchment.

InfoWorks™ ICM - unparalleled productivity

InfoWorks™ ICM brings out-of-the-box a complete tool set for executing the whole range of engineering tasks in the field of sewerage and river modelling – from simple model building to complex analyses of both geospatial data sets and all simulation results – hydrological, hydraulic and water quality. Just a glimpse on the functionality:

  • Digitizing, editing, validating and real-time querying data in network shared geospatial databases by unlimited number of users simultaneously;
  • Model building using intelligent SNAP regimes (including snapping to external GIS layers) along with automatic topology maintenance;
  • Digitizing with shared user-defined digitization templates;
  • Powerful topological analysis toolbox – connectivity analysis, upstream / downstream tracing, proximity tracing, selection refinements based on connectivity and proximity, automated topology building;
  • Carrying out real-time engineering validation using built-in and user defined rules and data origin / quality control based on user defined flag system;
  • Incorporating external GIS layers and creating layer lists with user defined visual settings (most widely used GIS formats are supported – both vectors and rasters – from ESRI, MapInfo, Autodesk, etc.).If available, an ArcObjects license can be used to establish direct connections with ArcSDE servers and ESRI GeoDatabases;
  • Creating TIN or GRID terrain models using DTM, DEM, LiDAR data as well as vector GIS layers (ESRI SHP - point, pointz) and simple text files;
  • Automated elevation data extraction for all modelled point objects using TIN or GRID models;
  • Automated 2D meshing using terrain sensitive algorithms;
  • Automated surface extraction (Area Take Off) from standard IAS layers;
  • Creating of unlimited number of user defined pipe shapes – both symmetric and asymmetric – using absolute or relative dimensions (coordinates);
  • Multiple interactive visualisations and interactive editing in geoplans, tables, long profiles, 3D views;
  • Creating thematic maps using complex rules hierarchy and SQL queries;
  • Printing / plotting of maps, long profiles, 3D views, graphs, etc. using comprehensive print layout editor;
  • Generating various reports and data extracts using predefined editable templates and exporting to MS Office compatible formats;
  • Completely automated version control and user access management system allowing for detailed version comparisons and tracking the commit history of every geospatial object in the models;
  • Restoring data using intelligent UNDO / REDO functionality and the advanced version control system;
  • Creating rich simulation results visualisations in synchronized geoplans, long profiles, tables, graphs, 3D views, etc.;
  • Running various analyses over simulation results using built-in and user editable tools such as statistics, RPA, Worst Case, Flood Volume, etc.;
  • Exporting simulation results using automated functionality and user defined templates to GIS, RDBMS, raster, text, video and MS Office compatible formats;
  • And much, much more...

The InfoWorks™ ICM user interface has been professionally designed to follow the logical workflow for building and using hydraulic models of sewer and river systems. The menus and toolbars change dynamically in accordance with the task in progress providing easy and quick access to the required functionality. Sophisticated data validation algorithms make sure the modeled data is within acceptable ranges thus helping users not to enter (or forget) erroneous values, which could lead to numerical instabilities, initialization failures, and ambiguous calculations.

InfoWorks™ ICM - Limitless expandability: Run native RUBY scripts and Add-ons
InfoWorks™ ICM - Limitless expandability: Run native RUBY scripts and Add-ons

Along with its comprehensive tool set, which covers all standard workflows, InfoWorks™ ICM provides unparalleled freedom for creating additional functionality using SQL and RUBY scripting. The engineers can benefit from a special SQL implementation that has been dramatically enhanced with a number of additional functions, ready to use topological relations, procedural elements (variables, loops, conditions, etc.), reading and writing external files and ability to prompt for user interaction during statements execution. A completely functional RUBY SDK with interpreter can be used within the platform, which brings special modules and libraries for interaction with the databases, the hydraulic models, and the simulation engine, thus enabling users to customize and automate their InfoWorks™ ICM modeling environment to their needs.

The comprehensive and purposely designed functionality allows for a dramatic boost in the engineering teams productivity. In comparison with the most of the modelling products on the market today, the adoption of InfoWorks™ ICM can decrease the required work time for model building and for carrying complex analyses in order of magnitudes – from months and days to just a few days and hours.

InfoWorks™ ICM - team work and complete data integration

ICM CorporateSetup EN
Integration in corporate environments

InfoWorks™ ICM has been built upon the multi-user software platform of InfoAsset™ Manager, thus providing unmatched functionality for an unlimited number of users to work simultaneously in one shared geospatial database, onto one single model. A complete built-in tool set allows integration with external corporate RDBMS and file systems, such as GIS, SCADA, systems for meteorological measurements and forecasts (including raster radar imagery), ERP, CRM, etc. The software can import / export data from / to many standard formats - ESRI SHP, ESRI GeoDatabase, MapInfo TAB, MS Access, MS SQL Server, ORACLE Database and more.For complete data exchange automation, an ICMExchange Server license is required, which will also bring ability to schedule and run simulations automatically.

InfoWorks™ ICM brings out-of-the-box all tools required for building and managing the modelling databases – from database structure management to user access control. In addition to the standard ICM Master Database, the software platform can flawlessly use MS SQL Server and ORACLE Database as its default data store. The built-in functionality is truly easy to use so even users with standard computer skills can set up complex multi-user modelling environments without the need of IT professional support.

InfoWorks™ ICM - unparalleled simulation engine - speed, accuracy, scalability

The InfoWorks™ ICM simulation engine is a result of more than 30 years of scientific research in the UK, USA, and Western Europe. It inherits from and dramatically enhances the capabilities of the internationally recognized Mainframe WASSP - Wallingford Storm Sewer Package (1982), WALLRUS (1989), SPIDA (1992), HydroWorks PM (1994), InfoWorks CS (1998), InfoWorks CS 2D (2007).

InfoWorks™ ICM is the first software platform on the market truly able to simulate simultaneously in real-time hydrology, 1D/2D hydraulics and water quality as one single and completely integrated process. Incorporating the latest achievements in informatics and in software technologies, the simulation engine utilizes the full power of the contemporary multi-core CPUs (Intel Xeon family for example). But also (again for the first time on the market) it can use the high-end GPUs (nVIDIA TESLA, nVIDIA QUADRO, etc.), thus making possible to reduce the simulation times by an order of magnitude – from hours to minutes.

Most of the contemporary 1D/2D modelling software products are still relying on 1D/2D coupling, which requires import /export of hydrology,1D/2D hydraulics and water quality results from one engine to another often involving user interaction. Unsurprisingly the results of several independent benchmarking studies (for example UK’s Environment Agency - „Benchmarking the latest generation of 2D hydraulic flood modelling packages”) show that InfoWorks™ ICM is almost twice as fast as its closest competitors with similar or even much higher accuracy of the results.

ICM SimEngineScallability EN
Simulation engine scalability

One of the major advantages of InfoWorks™ ICM’s simulation engine is its horizontal scalability in terms of the available hardware resources within organizations. In accordance with the type and the number of seats in their license, the users can easily create a simulation pool of PCs, which can be used to carry out multiple remote simulations simultaneously. Once set up the built-in ICM Coordinator and ICM Simulation Agent take care automatically to distribute / accept the simulation tasks on the available workstations and their CPU / GPU cores and then to bring the results back to the users or store these on a central server.

Short video demonstrations of the ICM's simulation engine scalability: Creating a simulation pool and Running multiple simulations in a workgroup.

InfoWorks™ ICM - flexible licensing options in accordance to your needs

InfoWorks™ ICM can be purchased as a variety of licensing options allowing any combination of work seats. The flexible licensing scheme provides cost effective purchase plans for both large organizations and small engineering teams (even individuals and freelancers). The basic licensing options are:

  • InfoWorks™ ICM – the main license with standard functionality for complete 1D/2D hydraulic modelling of sewer and river systems;
  • InfoWorks™ ICM SE (Sewer Edition) – a limited version aimed at 1D sewerage modelling. The 2D capabilities are limited to up to 1000 2D mesh elements to allow SUDS / BMP modelling;
  • InfoWorks™ ICM Suite – an upgrade to the main license, which adds the following software products:

ICM TSDB (Time Series Database) - a special database for storing and managing scalar and raster (spatially varying) time series from a wide range of sources – SCADA, meteorological stations, meteorological radars, etc., which are used as an input for simulations and for model calibration / verification purposes;

ICM RiskMaster – a special computational engine for flooding impact assessment in accordance with internationally adopted standards and theoretical methodologies; The calculations are based on hydrological / hydraulic simulation results and operational / economical data inputs, which allow for unambiguous complex impact analyses for any number of infrastructural units;

  • InfoWorks™ ICM Executive Suite – adds to InfoWorks™ ICM Suite:

IExchange - an automatic service and comprehensive RUBY SDK (software development kit) for complete data exchange automation (with corporate information services) as well as an interface with the powerful simulation engine to create automatic (triggered) simulations and custom solutions;

ICM PDM (Probability Distributed Model) – a special continual runoff model for running long-term continual simulations with multiple rainfall events. The model is largely used in real-time river modelling systems to properly simulate the catchment hydrologic parameters over long periods of time;

  • InfoWorks™ ICM Viewer – a limited license that brings the complete analytical functionality of the main platform without the ability to edit / modify the hydraulic models and the database contents (except for creating data querying and data visualisation tools). This version also supports re-running simulations pre-defined using the main licensing options;

Additional cost savings can be achieved with the following licensing options:

  • InfoWorks™ ICM Model Build Only - the main licenses for InfoWorks™ ICM and InfoWorks™ ICM SE can be purchased without simulation engines for work seats where running simulations is not required;
  • InfoWorks™ ICM Simulation Engine – a perfect solution for creating a pool of PCs for running remote simulations.

All of the main InfoWorks™ ICM versions can be purchased with or without limitation in the number of modelled nodes / 2D elements with many combinations available, thus substantially decreasing the total purchase price.

When purchasing InfoWorks™ ICM, the clients can freely combine the number and the type of the licenses in order to achieve the optimal proportion between price and functionality. All clients with valid annual maintenance agreements can upgrade (permanently or temporary) their licenses for only the difference in the list prices at the time of upgrade. For more information please contact us.

InfoWorks™ ICM - Technical specifications

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