Powerful system for modeling, exploration and management of water supply systems.

InfoWorks™ WS Pro – leading platform for hydraulic modelling of water supply systems

InfoWorks™ WS Pro is a powerful multi-user software platform for comprehensive hydraulic modelling of water supply systems. With more than 15 years on the international market, it quickly became a standard among hundreds of enterprises – designers, consultants and utility operators around the globe.

Integrating a powerful multi-user RDBS, proprietary stand-alone GIS-based modelling environment and state-of-the-art simulation engine, InfoWorks™ WS Pro has been used to create the largest and most complex hydraulic models in the world such as Shanghai water supply system (China, 400 000 links) и Miami – Dade (USA, 250 000 links), as well as in many real-time modelling, forecasting and operations management systems (IWLive).

InfoWorks™ WS Pro - designing, hydraulic modelling, real-time forecasting and risk management

InfoWorks™ WS Pro is a complex software platform with a wide range of applications in solving complex engineering problems. Here is just a very short list of its possible uses:

  • Dynamic designing of water supply systems – from water sources to consumers, including all network structures, pressure boosting facilities and pressure / flow control mechanisms;
  • Building and using all types of computer hydraulic models of existing water supply systems as well as real-time modelling, forecasting, and operations management systems;
  • Designing and technical evaluation of scenarios for water supply systems automation and control;
  • Comprehensive dynamic water quality analyses;
  • Designing of pressure management solutions;
  • Developing of demand / consumption management programs;
  • Developing of water quality management programs;
  • Fire flow scenarios simulations and crisis management;
  • Optimising the power consumption of pump stations and lowering the operations costs;
  • Linking to SCADA for real-time water supply system performance assessment;
  • Investigating system failures and water supply interruptions;
  • and much, much more ...

The comprehensive and purposely designed functionality allows for dramatic productivity boost of the engineering teams. In direct comparison with most other water supply modelling tools, the adoption of InfoWorks™ WS Pro can lead to work time savings by an order of magnitudes – from months and weeks to just a few days and hours. The platform brings high level of work flow automation thus significantly reducing the costs for designing, hydraulic modelling and operations management of water supply systems.

InfoWorks™ WS Pro - productivity without competition

InfoWorks™ WS Pro brings out-of-the-box a complete tool set for executing the whole range of engineering tasks in the field of water supply hydraulic modelling – from simple model building to complex analyses of both geospatial data sets and all simulation results – hydrological, hydraulic and water quality. Just a glimpse on the functionality:

  • Digitizing, editing, validating and real-time querying data in shared geospatial databases by unlimited number of users simultaneously;
  • Model building using intelligent SNAP regimes (including snapping to external GIS layers) along with automatic topology maintenance;
  • Digitizing with shared user-defined digitization templates;
  • Automatic real-time geometry (coordinates, lengths, areas) when building / editing the geospatial models as well as user-defined geometry values;
  • Simplified affine transformations (translating and scaling) over any of the coordinate axis for selections of objects or for the whole models;
  • Automated model import from other modelling systems such as WESNET, EPANET, WATNET, Synergi, WATSYS, AQUIS, Stoner and more;
  • Powerful topological analysis toolbox – connectivity analysis, upstream / downstream tracing, proximity tracing, selection refinements based on connectivity and proximity, automated topology building;
  • Carrying out engineering validation using built-in and user-defined rules and data origin / quality control based on user defined flag system;
  • Incorporating external GIS layers and creating layer lists with user defined visual settings (most widely used GIS formats are supported – both vectors and rasters – from ESRI, MapInfo, Autodesk, etc.).If available, an ArcObjects license can be used to establish direct connections with ArcSDE servers and ESRI GeoDatabases;
  • Creating TIN or GRID terrain models using DTM, DEM, LiDAR data as well as vector GIS layers (ESRI SHP - point, pointz) and simple text files;
  • Automated elevation data extraction for all modelled point objects using TIN or GRID models;Automated demand allocation using intelligent geospatial algorithms;
  • Generating daily, weekly and monthly demand profiles with automated normalization. Generating demand scaling templates;
  • Real-life modelling of pumps and hydraulic control structures (valves, PRVs, etc.). Setting up user libraries with pumps using manufacturers data or theoretical curves.
  • Visual modelling of logical programmable controls for water supply networks (User Programmable Control);
  • Setting up libraries with hydraulic and operations time series (flows, velocities, pressures, levels, pump states, etc.), which are used for model verification or for simulation inputs;
  • Multiple interactive visualisations and interactive editing in geoplans, tables, long profiles, 3D views;
  • Creating dynamic thematic maps using complex rules hierarchy and SQL queries;
  • Printing / plotting of maps, long profiles, 3D views, graphs, etc. using comprehensive print layout editor;
  • Generating various reports and data extracts using predefined editable templates and exporting to MS Office compatible formats;
  • Completely automated version control and user access management system allowing for detailed version comparisons and tracking the commit history of every geospatial object in the models;
  • Creating rich simulation results visualisations in synchronized geoplans, long profiles, tables, graphs, 3D views, etc.;
  • Running various analyses over simulation results using built-in and user editable tools such as statistics, Service Levels, System Summary, etc.;
  • Exporting simulation results using automated functionality and user defined templates to GIS, RDBMS, raster, text, video and MS Office compatible formats;
  • and much more ...

Along with its comprehensive toolset, which covers all standard workflows, InfoWorks™ WS Pro provides unparalleled freedom for creating additional functionality using SQL. The engineers can benefit from a special SQL implementation that has been dramatically enhanced with a number of additional functions, ready to use topological relations, procedural elements (variables, loops, conditions, etc.), reading and writing external files and ability to prompt for user interaction during statements execution.

From standard model building, through complex analyses to massive data exports for generating technical documentation – InfoWorks™ WS Pro offers unparalleled proportion between price and built-in functionality.

InfoWorks™ WS Pro - team work and data integration

WS TypicalSetup EN
Integration in corporate environment

InfoWorks™ WS Pro has been built upon a powerful, proprietary spatial RDBMS. Without competition on the market, the platform allows for an unlimited number of users to work simultaneously in shared spatial databases. Hence, the engineers can use shared data libraries, tool sets and database settings in one single standard environment without the need of constant data transfers from one workstation to another.

A complete built-in tool set allows integration with external corporate RDBMS and file systems, such as GIS, SCADA, ERP, CRM, etc. The software can import / export data from / to many standard formats - ESRI SHP, ESRI GeoDatabase, MapInfo TAB, MS Access, MS SQL Server, ORACLE Database and more.

InfoWorks™ WS Pro brings out-of-the-box all tools required for building and managing the modelling databases – from database structure management to user access control. In addition to the standard WS Master Database, the software platform can flawlessly use MS SQL Server and ORACLE Database as its default data store. The built-in functionality is truly easy to use so even users with standard computer skills can set up complex multi-user modelling environments without the need of IT professional support.

InfoWorks™ WS Pro - a unique, state of the art, simulation engine

InfoWorks™ WS Pro uses a state of the art simulation engine, which inherits from and dramatically enhances the WESNET system – the first in the world software tool that has been purposely developed for modelling of water supply networks. In contrast, most competitive products on the market are based on adapted computational cores originally designed for other industries, such as oil and gas pipelines, or on generic network optimisation algorithms. Several characteristics, among many, of the InfoWorks™ WS Pro’s simulation engine justify its leading market position:

  • Unparalleled speed, computational stability, and accuracy – multiple independent benchmark studies over the years show that InfoWorks™ WS Pro is significantly faster (up to 10 times!) in comparison with most of its market competitors. The unprecedented speed is a result of a number of unique features in the simulation process. Before running the actual simulation the modelled network undergoes a special pre-processing optimization routine thus reducing dramatically the mathematical problem to be solved. Critical or very complex hydraulic event do not stop the simulation or slow it down. The engine automatically inserts intermediate timesteps to achieve an unambiguous solution. All errors (deviations from the user-defined computational accuracy) are reported as exceptions through a detailed output allowing for comprehensive analyses and quick solutions to the simulation problems;
  • Accurate “real world” modelling – InfoWorks™ WS Pro offers a truly realistic modelling of pumps and hydraulic control structures (valves, PRVs, inlets, etc.) instead of simplified algorithms to determine indirectly downstream hydraulic conditions as in most other modelling packages. Intelligent algorithms for continuous metrics and logic monitoring allow for the modelled structures to respond to rapid changes in network conditions as closer to the reality as possible;
  • Proven in thousands of projects – since its original development as WESNET computational core, the concept of the InfoWorks™ WS Pro simulation engine has been proved in thousands of international projects over the years. The latest achievements in mathematics and hydraulics, as well as the cutting-edge software techniques, are implemented in every new version of the platform thus keeping it always at the top position on the international market.
InfoWorks™ WS Pro - Unparalleled simulation options
InfoWorks™ WS Pro - Unparalleled simulation options

Along with the standard hydrodynamic simulations, the InfoWorks™ WS Pro computational engine provides a wide range of special simulation types, such as fire flow, critical links analysis, shutdown impact analysis, pipe flushing, leakage detection, transient flow analysis over thousands of objects simultaneously (requires InfoWorks® TS license) and more – almost all without the need of editing the geospatial model itself. These simulation types allow for dramatic savings of work time, often by an order of magnitudes – from days to just minutes, especially when large models (tens of thousands of objects) are to be analysed, thus justifying once again the industry-leading position of InfoWorks™ WS Pro on the international market.

InfoWorks™ WS Pro - flexible licensing options in accordance to your needs

InfoWorks™ WS Pro can be purchased as a variety of licensing options allowing any combination of work seats. The flexible licensing scheme provides cost effective purchase plans for both large organizations and small engineering teams (even individuals and freelancers). The basic licensing options are:

  • InfoWorks™ WS Pro – the main license with standard functionality for complete hydraulic modelling of water supply systems;
  • InfoWorks™ WS Pro – a limited license that brings the complete analytical functionality of the main platform without the ability to edit / modify the hydraulic models and the database contents (except for creating data querying and data visualisation tools). This version also supports re-running simulations pre-defined using the main licensing options;
  • InfoWorks® TS  (Transient Systems) – an upgrade to the main license, which adds powerful functionality for simulating and analysing transient flow conditions over thousands of objects simultaneously;
  • WatSed  - additional InfoWorks™ WS Pro module for simulating sedimentation, erosion and transport dynamics of suspended solids in water supply systems;
  • BalanceNet  - a key component of the Innovyze "Smart Water Network", BalanceNet is a special software for pump station settings optimization and energy costs reduction, available as an add-on to the InfoWorks™ WS Pro main license;
  • IExchange - an automatic service and comprehensive RUBY SDK (software development kit) for complete data exchange automation (with corporate information services) as well as an interface with the powerful simulation engine to create automatic (triggered) simulations and custom solutions;

All of the main InfoWorks™ WS Pro versions can be purchased with or without limitation in the number of modelled links with many combinations available, thus substantially decreasing the total purchase price. Additional cost savings can be achieved with the following licensing options:

  • InfoWorks™ WS Pro Model Build Only - the main licenses for InfoWorks™ WS Pro can be purchased without simulation engines for work seats where running simulations is not required;

When purchasing InfoWorks™ WS Pro, the clients can freely combine the number and the type of the licenses in order to achieve the optimal proportion between price and functionality. All clients with valid annual maintenance agreements can upgrade (permanently or temporary) their licenses for only the difference in the list prices at the time of upgrade. For more information please contact us.

InfoWorks™ WS Pro - Technical specifications

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