About us

We founded AQUAMOD LTD in the summer of 2007 led by an ambition to offer on the Bulgarian market a full cycle of quality and hi-tech engineering services in the field of water supply and sewer infrastructure. Services, based on internationally recognized good practices, aimed at introducing also for the first time in Bulgaria powerful software technologies in solving daily engineering tasks such as computer hydraulic modelling and geospatial information systems.


Since 2009 AquaMOD Ltd has been appointed the official representative (a channel partner ) for INNOVYZE in Bulgaria. Now Bulgarian utility operators, consultants, designers, and administrations have the opportunity to adopt the leading software platforms for hydraulic modelling and data management - InfoWorks ICM, InfoWorks WS Pro, and InfoAsset Manager through adaptive licensing schemes and complete technical support now offered by AquaMOD Ltd in Bulgarian. With more than 10 years of professional experience in using these products, we guarantee a painless and successful integration of the INNOVYZE software in any business environment - from small firms to corporate clients.


through a unique combination of classic theoretical knowledge, our personal professional experience in managing real water supply and sewer systems and the latest achievements in hydraulic modelling. During designing, we always apply standardized procedures and high-end software tools thus achieving unparalleled in Bulgaria productivity and high quality of the final product.


in computer hydraulic modelling of water supply and sewer systems. Over the years, we have invested significant resource in paving the way towards Bulgarian market for this, undoubtedly , most powerful method for analysing water supply and sewer networks. In fact, most of the largest and professionally built hydraulic models in Bulgaria have been made by us. And just to mention:

  • strategic and detailed hydraulic models of Sofia (the capital city of Bulgaria) water supply and sewer networks (2002 - 2007, we were part of Sofiyska voda AD team before founding AQUAMOD LTD);
  • skeleton hydraulic models of water supply and sewer systems for 7 Bulgarian cities - Plovdiv, Dobrich, Pernik, Kardzhali, Veliko Tarnovo, Vidin and Yambol (2008 - 2009 as a subcontractor of an international consortium SCE Group - PM - WMI, an EU ISPA funded project);
  • conceptual hydraulic models of external water supply systems at regional level for Razgrad, Kubrat, Plovdiv and Ruse administrative regions, as part of the Regional Master Plan for Central Region of Bulgaria (MIDP-MP-QCBS 2) (2012 - 2014 as a subcontractor of SCE group, part of the SEURECA - SCE Group - Hydroproekt - Arcadia Engineering consortium).

Over the recent years, we have developed original methodologies for hydraulic modelling based on the current good engineering practices in EU and particularly on the worldly acknowledged British approach. We have mastered on an expert level the leading software platforms for computer hydraulic modelling InfoWorks™ ICM and InfoWorks™ WS Pro (by INNOVYZE®) but also gained experience in using MikeUrban (DHI), SynerGEE Water (DVN GL), WaterCAD (Bentley Systems), EPANET (US EPA), etc.


collect, integrate and manage technical data for the water supply and sewer infrastructure. AQUAMOD LTD offers a wide range of field surveys and documentary research campaigns on the structural and operational condition of the water supply and sewerage assets.

We know how important the accurate and the up-to-date information is hence we offer a complete set of services in data integration - from the delivery of a powerful, specifically designed software solution - InfoAsset Manager by INNOVYZE, through digitization and integration of network data, to the design of customized procedure books for data administration in water utility operators and personalized training.


Allows us to provide efficient professional services in geospatial data management and to assist in building reliable GIS infrastructures with the latest free and open source software (FOSS) technologies on the market at a flexible price that suits every customer – from systems integration through data transformation to personalized training and support programs.

AquaMOD Ltd. - an ISO 9001:2015 certified company!

ISO 9001:2008We have been applying complex quality control systems on the entire engineering workflow since the very beginning in 2007. Procedures, multi-stage validation, and high – end technologies for work process automation are used on a daily basis to minimize the risk of quality issues. As a natural continuation of our efforts, we have decided to adapt our approach to quality assurance to comply with ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Now it is done - we are certified!