GIS - software and geospatial content creation

Digitization, transformation, integration and analysis of geospatial data. GIS systems integration with libre(free) and open source software.

GIS - software and content creation

AM GIS Article Entrance

Since 2007 AQUAMOD LTD staff have been using open source GIS on a daily basis. All of our hydraulic modelling projects, designing and general data management activities have been greatly supported by geospatial data processing.

The specific knowledge and the experience we have gained over the years give us confidence to offer a number of technical services in the field of GIS - geospatial data processing and technical aid in adopting contemporary open source software for GIS.

GIS Data Processing

The AQUAMOD LTD team uses a wide range of high-end GIS tools (based on open source software) at a professional level. We have knowledge and extensive experience in creating and transforming data into contemporary geospatial formats:

  • data structuring, vectorising and georeferencing of information from hard copies and various digital formats such as topographic maps, cadastre drawings, linear infrastructure maps and much more;
  • pre-processing, scaling and georeferencing of raster images along with digital data extraction;
  • creating DTMs, DEMs, GRIDs, TINs and so on;
  • various types of geospatial data analysis, building geospatial data connections, geocoding and much more.

We provide the data in almost all of the contemporary GIS formats - ESRI SHP, MapInfo TAB, PostGIS and more. For more information please contact us.

Free (Libre) & Open Source Software for GIS

We know well how difficult it could be for start-ups, small enterprises, municipal administrations and communities to implement modern GIS technologies into their daily life. Very often it would require significant efforts and financial resources along with finding highly qualified personal. We have been on the same road as well. Therefore as of 2014, AQUAMOD LTD offers special technical and educational services in implementing open source software for GIS.

IMPORTANT: We have developed these services specifically for the Bulgarian companies and public administrations! If you are a foreign company please contact your local Open Source GIS service providers.

The services we offer aim at providing basic knowledge and skills along with setting up simple yet robust geospatial software infrastructure thus making the GIS affordable and easily accessible technology.


  • setting up and configuring open source GIS software on client's workstations - QGIS, GRASS GIS, LibreOffice and others;
  • conducting a wide range of customized training in accordance to the Client's needs and initial knowledge;
  • providing basic technical support in Client's daily operations such as support in creating GIS content, validating GIS data, providing technical help in using the software.

In practice the implementation of open source GIS leads to:

  • the investment for implementing a complete GIS solution for a small office, based on open source software, could be even less than the price for a one-seat licence for some of the leading proprietary GIS products with similar functionality;
  • there are no any obligations for signing contracts or accepting rigorous licence agreements;
  • free access to the latest software releases and to the software source code;
  • complete freedom in choosing technical support providers or software developers for creating custom functionality all over the world;
  • simple and easy transition to high-end proprietary software products when necessary.
  • setting up and configuring servers for spatial data workgroup management and storage, as well as for providing web mapping functionalities;
  • basic technical support, remote administration, software upgrade support, and others.

Depending on the selected services AQUAMOD LTD. will introduce you to the world of GIS at prices below Euro 10 000 for a complete small office solution. For further information please contact us...

Free (Libre) and Open Source Software we use and appreciate

QGIS - powerful desktop application for creating, analyzing and managing geospatial data;

GRASS GIS - with more than 30 years of continuous development it brings unparalleled number of geospatial tools and functionalities (very well integrated within QGIS);

LibreOffice - a world leading open source office productivity suite;

SpatiaLite - personal SQL RDBMS for geospatial data processing (fully supported in QGIS);

PostgreSQL - the world's most powerful open source SQL RDBMS with direct support in QGIS and LibreOffice;

PostGIS - spatial database extender for PostgreSQL object-relational database adding more than 700 geospatial SQL functions!;

GeoServer - an open source server for sharing geospatial data it publishes data from any major spatial data source using open standards;

UBUNTU - one of the leading Linux-based open source operating systems (all of the above software products work flawlessly in UBUNTU!).

AQUAMOD Ltd. expresses its sincere gratitude to all communities and commercial entities around the world, which dedicate their time, knowledge and resources for developing these fantastic software products and calls for your financial and technical support! For each project implemented by us, we donate a significant part of the revenues to the respective non-profit organizations.

IMPORTANT: AQUAMOD Ltd. is not part or official representative of the software projects, communities and non-proffit organizations, participating in the development of the GIS software (with free (libre)and open source licenses) listed here. All services are developed based on our personal experience in the products application in our daily work, subject to the relevant software licenses.